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THURSDAY, September 25, 2014LAC Group - Rise of the Library Press Release - PRNewswire-19sept2014

LAC Group, the Leader in Information Curation and Knowledge Management, will present a webinar titled “The Rise of The Library” to demonstrate how the new ‘Library as a Service’ model can deliver true Competitive Intelligence results for law firms and corporations. Co-hosting the webinar will be Manzama, a provide of social media listening and monitoring platforms for service professionals.

A practical discussion on giving decision-makers meaningful access to vital information, CEOs Deborah Schwarz and Peter Ozolin at LAC Group and Manzama, respectively, will discuss the evolution of the law library in the digital information landscape.  New ways to leverage the opportunities for competitive advantage and manage the challenges of information overload will be presented, including a discussion of two firms that have been successful at navigating the changes. Read more!